Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can I edit my Profile?

I've been trying to get a little photo up for my profile but Blogger keeps taking it down. So here's a THIRD attempt. This time I'm using an image from an Acquanetta movie poster from the 40s. This site is named after one of her films. And so it's time once more to pay tribute to one of the Hollywood's great failures, ableit a beautiful one. Here's to you Aquanetta, a.k.a. Mildred Davenport. I'm only trying to exploit your image so that a handful of people can read my boring profile. Here's the full-on poster. Don't you wish you could rent this on DVD? With director commentary?
Jungle Woman starring Acquanetta


Tuckers said...

I want it.


jharding44 said...

I knew acquanetta - personally. She was a very bright spirited woman who loved to laugh - not at all like the jungle girls she played on film!

Lisa Mc said...

Acquanetta did seem to be a bright spirit. There isn't much information about her on the Internet but from what I read, she was very active in charitable causes and raised a large family. I wish I could have interviewed her before she left the world. My original post about her is here: