Friday, January 04, 2008

Captive WW Decor - Old Phones

Do you find yourself facing the new year thinking, I HATE new telephones! All this light-up crap and programming and multiple lines, speed dial, re-dial--I can't face another decade of this! Then go to OldPhoneWorks and charge up your credit card to the max.

I read a lot of design blogs in 2007. Can you tell? Design blogs are the new celebrity blogs. One thing's for sure: they're all about buying stuff, with a bit of do-it-yourself information attached, to make you feel better about wanting to buy all the new/vintage stuff they push. I'm hopelessly addicted. At least decorating doesn't lead to extreme mental illness and paparazzi insanity. Unless you end up succumbing to compulsive hoarding syndrome. If so, maybe you can curtail your retail anxiety long enough to get on Oprah, like this woman, who managed to fill her house with 75 tons of consumer garbage. That's entertainment!

Oh yeah, telephones. Check out the "orange collection"--snazzy! I bet they make that nice ring-a-ling sound. Sigh.

Source: Daily Dose

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