Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fastball - "The Way"

I just heard this song ten minutes ago on 94.7 Alternative Portland and I couldn't stop listening. I probably haven't heard this in several years and it just grabbed me. It's got that 90s sound but there were so much of this kind of guitar rock on the radio ten years ago that it's easy to forget how well some of these hits were crafted. So here they are, circa 1998, from Austin, TX, Fastball. Warning: large sideburns ahead.

I must mention here that 94.7 is such a great resource to have in the car or at home. The DJs are low-key and almost berefit of ego. They love music and they're respectful of their audience. They play a lot of Ziggy Stardust and promote local music, featuring bands with men AND women. The emphasis is not on angry-male cock rock, which is not always the case with alternative music stations. KITS, San Francisco, I'm talking to you. I do wish they'd ease up on The Police. I've had enough Police to last a lifetime, but that's a minor quibble. 94.7--you know it's true; you rule.

Official Fastball site.

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