Thursday, May 08, 2008

Barack The Vote - May 15th at Berbati's Pan

Barack The Vote show in PortlandI really like this poster. Where can I get one? Here perhaps?

- Junkface
- Alan SIngley & Pants Machine
- Andy Combs and the Moth - The Bloodship

Berbati's Pan, Portland


A.S.K.-P. said...

Have you found a way to get this poster? I am still trying! I was told you could buy them @ the show BUT I live in Pendleton and won't be able to go to the show. I REALLY want this poster!

Lisa Mc said...

I went to the Failing Records' MySpace page (linked in the post here) and asked very nicely how I could get a poster. You could try that. The man to ask is Hank. I still have to get my poster too. Couldn't make it last week unfortunately. Hank: you are a poster-making wunderkind.