Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Platform Shoes Rise Again

I was thinking in the middle of the night some time last week that I'd do a platform shoes post. Just haven't seen too many platforms in a few years. Since the Spice Girls, perhaps? Then "The Oregonian" decided yesterday that platforms are back. Well then!

Here's a random sampling of platform shoes from different eras. No criteria, other than what caught my eye. No permissions were asked or given. If you don't like that, chew me out via email and I'll remedy the situation. I'm lazy and on an Obama endorphin rush. I feel three to five inches taller when I hear him speak--whoo!

And lest you think the modern age has cornered the market on shoe weirdness, these 16th-century "chopines" are 20 inches tall and required an attendant to help ladies navigate the wet, muddy streets of Venice. That's passion for fashion.

Shoes by Liam Kyle Sullivan (Warning: swear words, and warning: ridiculous, like our inexplicable obsession with shoes.)

1 comment:

Chrysanthemum said...

Wow.. Wonderful design. Those platform shoes looks very amazing and stylish. I want to see them in my feet.