Friday, June 20, 2008

Amber Asylum Brings the Ambient to Portland

I just found out my friend Martha is playing in Amber Asylum tonight, June 20th, at East End in Portland. Martha and I survived high school together, only to move into decrepit 60s-era dorm rooms at SFSU, where many memorable people were boxed in all around us. We have been through a lot and have come through to the other side. Martha played cello in Shiva Dancing during the San Francisco underground-music hey-day, then played in Amber Asylum for ten years before taking an extended break. Now she's not only playing again, but touring. The world could use more cello, especially when you can plug it into an amp.

William Rafti's video of vintage blotter art, set to Amber Asylum. At first when I started watching this I thought, is this like, antique stamp art, or something? But then I realized it's blotter-paper art with the multiple designs and perforations (cue trippy music). I can't believe this wasn't all dissolved on numerous tongues over the years. What a delicate thing to collect.

Same line-up (Lair of the Minotaur, Amber Asylum, Trees) will be playing in Seattle tomorrow night at Comet Tavern.

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