Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mary Worth - The Dramatic Reenactment

I'm years late with this but here it is anyway in all its brilliance: a panel-by-panel reenactment of actual Mary Worth comics that ran from May 17th to June 13th, 1998. Formerly part of a series featured on the now defunct Zero TV site, someone with a kind and giving heart has edited all the segments together in one glorious filmed comic strip.

According to King Features Syndicate, Mary Worth is a well-spoken gentlewoman with a knack for quoting proverbs and surrounding herself with interesting people whose lives reflect the daily concerns of society. Mary Worth stories are not about Mary. They are about a continuing parade of people who enter Mary's life. If you look closely, you may recognize one of your neighbors — or even yourself.

Ponder the ongoing mystery.

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