Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Woodsman Country Lodge - Now With New Log Decor

If you're traveling to Crater Lake, OR, your overnight accommodations are limited. Luckily Keith found The Woodsman Country Lodge in Crescent. I think you'll detect a bit of a theme developing here, but the room was large and clean and unlike so many roadside motels--had lots of character(s). Photo essay as follows.

I wish I had a close-up of this woodsman guy. He's like an ancient idol, overlooking the truck-route below. The sign promises free wireless/new log decor. What a perfect melding of new and old.
This guy guarded our room--my favorite forest creature!
You totally want some cocktails now, don't you?
Still-life with mug.
Where's the bathroom? Let the moose-light show you the way.
Our shower curtain was like the call of the wild but we forgot to pack our shotguns. Nothing says "fishing" like lucite-encased lures in your toilet seat.
Moose towel? Moose dryer? Moose lotion dispenser? The bathroom decor must have all came from the same catalog.
Jackson said, "This must be the hotel room with the most deer in it." And outside of it too. Our blanket was covered with bears, as was the wall clock.
Lee Friedlander inspired shot. Self-portrait with otter holding a fish.
Next stop: Crater Lake.


Tuckers said...

Wow! That is one swell place! I'd love to stay there! Did they have moose dropping soap? Or otter potato chips!

Great excessive theme application!

Anonymous said...

Don't stay here!!!! Unless you like dealing with RUDE people.

Sign on the door says "NO BIKERS", "NO PETS on property"

I won't be staying there, and I recommend Crescent Motel across the street. It's nice and friendly to everybody.