Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zai Jian, Beijing Olympics

My mom and dad get Olympic fever every four years, so I got to see the opening ceremony (on tape) and the closing one live. Let's give the thousands of volunteers a hand: that could not have been easy. My mom read today that they had to wear diapers so as not to get a bathroom break during the ceremony. $40 billion was spent by the Chinese government on the games and I think every billion was up there on the screen.

The London segment with Jimi Page, Becks and Leona Lewis on what looked like a transformer double-decker bus and life-sized wedding-cake topper, was super cheese-whiz compared to the awe-inspiring, frightening, regimented and artful Busy Berkeley-like Chinese extravaganza. It was like the Cher Variety Hour crashed the party suddenly. Of course, I'm all into that.

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