Wednesday, September 03, 2008

End of Summer Photo Round-up

Sorry if this makes me some kind of "mommy blogger" (that term! Augh!). But it was a great summer and if I want to do a photo round-up, it's within my rights. Living in the Northwest, I know I'll appreciate the three months of bright sun and warm weather all the more during the nine months of rain, sleet, snow and cold.

Growing up in California, I admit, I took the seasons for granted. The weather report was so predictable and dull. Now it's like an exciting serialized novel--dynamic! I like how the weather people mix it up. It's not just "rain, rain, showers, rain." It's "a little rain, some showers, some scattered showers, light rain some of the time, pretty much rainy..." But it ain't over 'til it's over. This week will be "hot, nice and sunny, warm and balmy, a little clouds, mostly sun..."

Here's some photo bits and pieces of our summer of unemployment (thanks, recession) and fine weather.

Sand in the City in downtown Portland sported some big sculptures that were knocked down by a back-hoe at the end of the festival. Here's the Great Wall of China, which was soon ever-present on your television once the Olympics started, courtesy of NBC broadcasting protocol.
If you do a little hike up to Wahkeena Falls in the Columbia Gorge, you come to this wonderful shower-like section which creates a completely air-conditioned and refreshing atmosphere even on the hottest day. Yes, even if it's 100 degrees out (it happens), it will be about 70 when you stand right here. Ahhhhhh...
Pixie Playland in Concord, CA. It's been there since I was a kid and even before that. Walk in, buy some tickets and partake in some tiny-sized rides. Misted overhangs will also keep you cool in the often 100-degree heat.
Point Isabel Regional Shoreline in Albany, CA is the biggest off-leash dog park in the nation. Bring your dogs and your friends. I went with Tuckers and Sue Iconolodge and we went on a fine walk with Sue's new doggie, Midnight. Views of San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge, plus fine salt air make for an excellent summer outing.
Look at these dogs having the time of their dog-lives.
Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park has paddle boat rides, ducks, seagulls, a waterfall and a traditional Chinese pagoda. Plus pink popcorn.
Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver has a multi-tasking fountain that's also a creek and a waterfall.
Sliding works better in dry weather.
Flying a kite when it's not blustery requires running starts.
No photos of us eating ice cream. Sorry.

Oh wait--close enough. Thanks Ju-Ju.

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