Thursday, November 13, 2008

Write On

I didn't have anything lined up to blog about today but Blogger suggested I check out The One Minute Writer, so I did and I like it. Every day has a writing prompt and there's a timer in the upper right-hand corner so you can write for your minute. Gimmicky but sometimes gimmicks really help you get "unblocked." Do you like to write but never make the time? Write for one minute. Write for five minutes. Don't let your hands cramp up. Take a tea break. OK--back to writing.

Tuesday's prompt was Veteran: write about a war veteran you have known of, or known personally.

I'm going to start the timer and then write... (Timers make me nervous. OK--it's just an experiment.)

I've been thinking a lot about my little cousin Joe, Jr., who's stationed in Iraq. He's already served in Afghanistan. He came home, then he got sent to Iraq. I believe he's been there nearly a year, or even longer. I'm in touch with his mom, who's my cousin's ex-wife. I really hope he gets to come home soon. He's only 20.
Well, there's my one-minute timed writing. I guess expansion and then editing would be the next step. I just sent him an email. Expanding...

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