Friday, January 30, 2009

Recession Buster: OMSI First Sunday - $2

This is only a helpful tip if you live in the Portland area but the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) costs only $2 per person on the first Sunday of each month and that means...this Sunday. So if you have kids, or you are a kid, or you're somewhere in that range--head over to this fine educational and fun-filled arena of learning.

Also of note: Da Vinci--The Genius exhibit opened at OMSI this week. There's an upcharge for it, but c'mon--it's DA VINCI! The guy's a genius. Several full-scale models of his inventions will be on display, including a hang-glider and a helicopter. And also tremendously detailed scans of the Mona Lisa, showing the numerous changes to the painting that occurred over time AND while he was painting it.

Did you know the Mona Lisa originally did have eyebrows and lashes? Over time they've disappeared into the oils of the painting. So no--she's not some weird, hairless fashion victim of her time. She just lost a little detail in the past 500 years. Also, she originally had a wider smile and was clutching a blanket or wrap off some sort in her hands. At some point during the painting process, estimated by some scholars to be over 15 years, Leonardo altered her looks and there she is for us to ponder. A mystery to this day.

Here she is today:
And here's CWW's rendition of how she might have originally looked (now you don't have to go to the exhibit--see? Recession buster):
If you can't see the exhibit in Portland, don't worry. It's a traveling exhibit, so it might come to your town and help you party it down.

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Tuckers said...

I want to be a wild woman of wongo too!

Lisa Mc said...

Get in line!

Mildred Davenport said...

She appears to be wearing a hairnet. Maybe Leo painted over a couple of golden arches too.