Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Foxes" 1980

Hey! I didn't realize "Foxes" has been on DVD for a few years now (nobody made a big announcement or anything). Starring Jodie Foster just before she headed to Yale, Adrian Lyne's ensemble piece on Southern California teenagers riding on a bummer during the last gasp of the 70s looks like it was filmed through a dirt-caked filter.

Drugs, sex, alcoholism, skateboards, divorce, absentee parents, incoherent swingers--"Foxes" crammed every excess of the preceding decade into one helluva teen drama. Dressed in Dittos' bell-bottoms and sporting ├╝ber-feathered hair, the angst of its four teen protagonists is a little too grim and a little too real. All this, and Scott Baio too!

See it for Cherie Currie's drug-addled performance. Her timing is awesome.

A would-be intimate dinner for eight turns into a crashers' party from our high-school collective nightmares.

Foxes movie poster Cherie Currie, lead singer for The Runaways, is interviewed in a most awkward fashion - 1977

- David Savage remembers the underrated "Foxes" - Cinema Retro.

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