Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go play: Holocene Fourth Annual Minigolf Art Invitational

Tonight is the big night for artistic, musical miniature golf at Holocene. When I read about this, I turned to Keith and said, "Admit it--Portland is our kind of town." Here's some info from the artfully arranged (and difficult to navigate) Holocene Web site:

We're proud to announce the much-anticipated arrival of The Fourth Annual Holocene Minigolf Art Invitational on Tuesday February 24th and Wednesday February 25th, 2009. Maybe you've heard tales of past courses: the Labyrinth hole, the whale with a live blowhole, or the Lightbox Theatre's reality hole, where the putter was faced with an array of improvised distractions. Naturally, this is considered by many to be Holocene's raddest recurring event.

This year, we're continuing to bring a plethora of Portland's finest artistic talents together, to design a course so bold that'll you'll putt, hope, and sink your way into aesthetic euphoria...And you get to decide which of the fabulous designers goes home with $1000. What exactly can you expect at this year's tourney, you ask? You'll be navigating your way through giant mushroom forests, maneuvering into a wooden tiger, and puzzling quantum physics with Schrödinger's Cat. And just in case a night with Heaven, Hell, and the Willamette River doesn't impress you: there's gonna be pancakes.

Tender Forever will play live tonight. Tomorrow, Guidance Counselor will provide the background music for your putt-putting pleasure.

John Bacone builds his entry for artistic mini-golf posterity.

4th Annual HOLOCENE MINI GOLF ART INVITATIONAL Promo video from Karl Lind on Vimeo.

Holocene: 1001 SE Morrison, Portland, 503-239-7639.

UPDATE: Photos of this year's mini-golf entries are now here.
And here's a little music video of the night's action (including pancakes).

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