Monday, February 16, 2009

The Modern Lovers Revisited

The Modern LoversIt's no big deal but every couple of years I dig this 1976 Modern Lovers album out and marvel at its simplistic, heartfelt genius. All kinds of youthful rock energy from David Robinson (future drummer for the Cars), pre-Talking Heads keyboardist Jerry Harrison, and John Cale as producer for half the album. Front man Jonathan Richman would go on to endearing fame with ditties about little airplanes, dinosaurs, martians, and the ice cream man, but his first effort will always be my favorite for its guts, loopiness and driving beats.

Road Runner - rare 1998 live performance with original bassist Ernie Brooks at Joey Ramone's birthday party, NYC.

Mike Long dances to Astral Plane.

Pablo Picasso

I'm Straight - found footage from a retro anti-drug film.

She Cracked - the 1972 demo rendition.

Someone I Care About - one evil video.

Modern World (demo) - the album version with its delightfully twangy lead guitar is sadly lacking in Internet presence. I will remedy that situation with a little thing called streaming MP3.

Modern World - The Modern Lovers

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