Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New! Celebrity Products for You and Yours

Phew! I've been so busy! And I'm thrilled to report the fruits of my labor. Starting soon: a brand new crop of celebrity-endorsed products, designed by moi, to fulfill your wildest consumer dreams. (And dreams they will remain until I get all the legalities squared away.) But while I'm on the horn, hammering out the copyright deals with my lawyer, please feel free to salivate over our latest collection of life-enhancing celebrity products.

Zac Efron has really come into his own. And what better way to celebrate his stratospheric fame-trajectory than with our new line of Zac Efron Soaps. Smooth, emollient, goes on like buttah. You'll love washing up every day with Zac Efron! (Don't worry--it's only SOAP.) Order it by the dozen. Your largest body organ will thank you!
Zac Efron Soap

Poseidon Adventure SwimwearThe recession is going full-throttle and we've all got money worries, but one thing is certain: bathing-suit weather is upon us! What will you do? Go forth toward the water in our latest line of Poseidon Adventure swimwear, of course! Be the envy of all your film-buff swimmer friends and ante up your hipster-cred with Poseidon Adventure Swimwear, courtesy of CWW.

The Poseidon Adventure is a beloved 70s-era disaster epic with an half-doomed all-star cast that still resonates today. That's why we feature it in classic tank-suit form. Choose from Upside-down Ship's Logo, Shelley Winters, or our latest style, Ernest Borgnine.

Garofalo Work-At-Home-Wear
You're looking for work but there's no jobs to be found! What's a responsible adult to do? Make up your own job! And what better place to do it than in your own home? Saves on commuter costs too. But wait a minute, just because you're working from home doesn't mean you can't "dress for work." Introducing our latest creation: work-at-home-wear, and our inspiration comes from the ultimate working girl: Janeane Garofalo!

Janeane's work-at-home style is cottony, comfy and above all, wrinkly. You don't want to waste precious home-office moments ironing clothes. We've included a sturdy line of cushy socks and work slippers to complete your ensemble. Take a moment to appreciate our work-at-home muse and then get to work! And if you should happen to venture outside in your Garofalo Work-At-Home-Wear, we salute you!

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