Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evelyn "Champagne" King for what ails ya

What a effin' exhausting week. Looking for a rental in California while selling our house in Washington. Not complaining. Just explaining. Lots of phone calls, emails, faxes, scans, attachments, signatures and initials. Then: the sale falls through, but wait--we got another offer. Then more applications, viewings, phone calls and messages. Then we wait to see if we have any housing in the next month.

Meanwhile California Supreme Court is LAME and gay marriage is set back more years than I care to dwell upon. When I DO settle back here, I will address this issue in some way. Not sure yet how. You're PISSING me OFF, California.

On the up side, my dad and I got to watch a family of California Quail as the dad quail tried to get his chicks to follow him out onto the sidewalk and out of the yard they were hanging around in. The mom hung back and the chicks flocked around her while the dad stepped onto the sidewalk and called them all big babies in his funny, peeping-booping quail voice. The chicks weren't buying it. They stayed with mom and it was probably for the best because a huge hawk was circling overhead the entire time. Mom knows best. You could practically hear it in the tone of her quail voice as she peep-booped back to her partner, "Oh leave them alone. They're just LITTLE."

And that's how it goes. Wait, what about Evelyn "Champagne" King? She started out as a teenage singing star during the late 70s disco era. I've always loved her voice. I heard her at Great Clips while Jackson got his hair buzzed and she cheered me up immensely, as always. Weird, musical prozac moment in the ex-burbs. Cheers, Ms. King.

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Mildred Davenport said...

This reminds me, i want some ack-shone, i got to boogie, on the disco ah-yah-ahhhh.