Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Might Get Loud - trailer and excited anticipation

Davis Guggenheim has made perhaps the ultimate guitar-god documentary. He got Jimmy Page (my first rock & roll crush), Jack White and The Edge to hang out, talk, and play their guitars. That may not sound fascinating to some, but I think it's the ultimate use of film and sound.

Some may also question the inclusion of The Edge with Page and White, who are blues-rock innovators, while he is firmly in the jangly treble-clef of new wave, but I say: piffle! It's a good trio of obsessive geniuses. I only hope they saved a chair for where Jimi Hendrix would have sat in.


Summary: The history of the electric guitar as seen from the point of view of three significant musicians: Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, U2's The Edge and the White Stripes' Jack White. It tells the personal stories, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos. It reveals how each developed his unique sound and style of playing his favorite instrument. Concentrating on the artists musical rebellion, traveling with him to influential locations and provoking rare discussion as to how and why he writes and plays

It Might Get Loud opens August 14 in NYC and Los Angeles, then spreads out in theaters for our general viewing pleasure.

ONTD post with much Page/White love thrown in.

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el space vato said...

Nice. Page I can understand (what about Buddy Guy?)... Edge and Jack White a little less. Though, not being a U2 fan the Edge IS the U2 sound, hell I feel he's the band.
Jack White... Hm. I'm not drinking the Koolaid quite yet concerning that guy. Being from a punk and blues background myself I got to see and actually play with a lot of the guys that started it and even the seconds and sometimes third guys (blues) that came down the pike. Besides, if you like the White Stripes, then listen to the Gories... that's who THEY listened too.
I guess David Bowie was right when he said,"It's not who does it first but who does it second." He made a career out of that.