Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MadMen Yourself - It's Swanky

AMC's Mad Men site allows you to MadMen yourself. Choose your body type, coloring, eyes, hair, swanky outfit, etc. and marvel at the results. I did myself and Keith to see what kind of caricatures we'd be if it were 1964.

I could not resist having a drink with Don Draper. Hey, it's just a business meeting. That's how we do it in 1964.

Keith at his new job at Sterling Cooper, coming up with all kinds of brilliant ideas while partaking in a morning Danish (no bagels around the office back then, I guess).

From the fertile creative mind of Dyna Moe.


Anonymous said...


The new season takes place in 1964, and last two in 1960 & 1962.

Lisa Mc said...

I had thought they were jumping ahead of the mid-60s this season. Color me WRONG. I'll correct--thank you.