Monday, November 16, 2009

In the Alley with Lady Gaga

I just watched a new Lady Gaga video and now feel the urge to return to the church and confess my sins for hopefully some kind of salvation. The ultimate question surrounding what we know of Gaga is, "Is she a genius or is she full of it?" I think the fact that this question comes up over and over throughout the World Wide Web gives credence to the fact that no one really knows the answer, probably including Gaga herself, and I guess that's...interesting. Is it necessary? The folks in the music industry think so and they've been seriously hurting for someone to come along and distract us enough to send our money flowing in their direction.

And HERE SHE IS! I give her credit. She's a money maker. She's a costume wearer and she's a catchy songstress of edgy dance material. She's also needlessly creepy and cadges too much from olden-days Madonna and 80s-era club kids. They formed a gang of crazy costumed party-goers cobbled together out of creativity, drug abuse and poverty, which became so excessive it morphed into homicidal maniacism.

She's more like a club kid who hires her gang to be backup dancers and film crew. And that's OK because in today's crazy-wazy world of stratospheric unemployment, it's nice that a group of people can rightfully say, "My boss is Gaga!"


Tuckers said...

She's kind of the Boy George of her generation! I like her. Someone told me that Madonna called her the first artist in a long time that has as much potential as she did when she started. Wow what a compliment (can you hear my voice dripping with sarcasm?).

mamiel said...

I really, really love her costumes and how she works them. I hope she keeps them coming.

Musically, though, I think I prefer Goldfrapp. I need to give Lady Gaga a closer listen, I haven't heard all her stuff yet, but thus far what I have heard isn't as good as Goldfrapp, who I deem superior to Madonna as well.