Thursday, November 19, 2009

She Mob - Prozac

Today's band is She Mob, which happens to be my band, actually. We played together throughout the 90s and beyond. Even though some of us left and new people joined, the core of She Mob remains core-like and occasional shows still happen. Prozac is off our first album, "Cancel the Wedding" (1999).

When I started playing this today, Jackson ran into the room, chanting, "She Mob! She Mob! She Mob!" He then sat in my lap and watched the whole thing. This is a sample of our main fan base, which tended to skew toward aged-12 and under, or age-37 and over. Not much in between. It's a weird demographic but a fun one.

The official She Mob World Wide Web headquarters.


mamiel said...

Cool song and cool video. I couldn't help but like it, being in the demographic and all........

michelle robinson said...

Very cool video, love it! I want more.