Monday, February 08, 2010

Bedhead - Bedside Table

Bedhead was Texas-based indie band that formed in the early 90s and kept going until around the turn of the century (that always sounds so epic: The Turn of the Century). The Kadane brothers, Matt and Bubba were the center of the band, but they had a third guitarist, Tench Coxe, as well as the required bass and drums (Kris Wheat and Trini Martinez, respectively; everyone in Bedhead has a great name).

If I were to do Bedhead word association, my first thought would be: quiet; getting louder. My second thought would be: obscurity. The band had its following and critical acclaim but for whatever reason, didn't "take off" like a lot of 90s bands. Probably because they didn't sound like anyone else and with the three ringing guitars, sloooow progressions leading to cathartic crescendos, and vocals way low in the mix, you had to work a little to listen to Bedhead. But they made the work so rewarding: meditative, contemplative, accomplished and beautiful all fit the band's sound. Bedhead is no more, but the Kadanes formed The New Year and kept their sound going.

The 1939 vacation footage was beautifully shot by Wallace Kelly, an accomplished writer, photographer and painter from Lebanon, Kentucky. His films are available on the Internet Archive. Several have been preserved by the Center for Home Movies with funds from the National Film Preservation Foundation. His daughter Martha gave permission for me to edit this together--thanks to you, Martha.

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