Sunday, February 14, 2010

Have a happy (Valentine's) day

Some people hate Valentine's Day. I may very well be one of them, if not for my seven-year-old. He loves all holidays. Even Groundhog Day holds his interest for the better part of the morning. This year he hand-made all his Valentines for a class of 32, plus two teachers. Our school district fired 450 teachers this year so class size rose by a third. For next year he's mentioned that he might want to BUY his cards for the next big class, and give candy out as well. The consumerism (and a hand cramp from all that drawing and writing) has kicked in. Retailers: be well pleased.

Here's one of his lovely expressions for the day.

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Soup and Song said...

Love it! The talent obviously runs in the family. By the way, I listened to She Mob all day today - the entire discography! Loud! It did my heart good. Real good!