Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My video adventures with Scribbler

I got an email a couple weeks ago from a band called Scribbler, asking to make a video for a song of theirs. Since I'm currently completely unemployed and the weather was overcast, I said, yes to that. There wasn't a lot of information on Scribbler, in the email, or on their MySpace page, but I gather they're a group of people from Halifax, Nova Scotia and they're members of a collective involving other Halifaxans called The Radiator Family.

This was an interesting experiment into the unknown. They sent me an MP3 and here's the result:

It's odd, but somehow compelling in its oddness. Then I heard from them again. They wanted another video, this time animated, and set to a song written by their bass player when he was four years old. Actually, I didn't know what they wanted until I received the song--which was obviously written and performed by a very young person.

It's a nice song, but none of the cute animated characters I initially tried worked out. They were so anime-adorable but their body movements were minimal. Their little Hello-Kitty arms could barely reach over their big, round melon heads. It wasn't working. So I used this character instead, who at least is somewhat limber, though creepy. I was sorry to do this to a four-year-old's composition, but the bass player is 24, and I think he'll be OK with it. At least I hope so. I haven't heard anything from Scribbler since I posted this. Perhaps their silence is comment enough.

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el space vato said...

McElroy you've done it again! I am now going to speak to the drummer of The Lupe's and see about having you make a video for us... though we'll need a song first.