Thursday, March 04, 2010

What's On Your Wall? - Mamiel

The ongoing wall series continues with blogger extraordinaire, Mamiel of Impotent Rage. If you take the time to read even a few of Mamiel's posts, you will guess that her walls must be of interest. And you would be right.

When I'm having a somewhat cruddy day, like when I'm dealing with childhood iron-deficiency anemia, stomachaches that don't dissipate after two weeks, stool-sample chemical mix-kits and limited lab drop-off times, plus confusion regarding over-the-counter ferrous sulphate dosages at Kaiser Permanente's multiple pharmacies, while doubting our pediatrician's grasp on reality; colorful, personal artwork really lifts my spirit. So thank you, Mamiel, for that.

Mamiel painted the shoe and the bamboo. Who among us does not love this subject matter? Shoes and bamboo are two of my favorite things.

Here's a tin roof tile from a roof with character.
Use your imagination.
Unknown artist - bear painting.

More walls:
Captive WW

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