Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day - Celebrate with Iron Maiden

Keith the tax man says: You don't have to file today if you don't owe any money. If you do owe and you're not finished with your taxes, you can send a check for an estimated amount along with a request for an extension.

Meanwhile, here's some Iron Maiden. What are they going on about? Mostly humankind's doom and destruction. They have a way with melodic anger, which, when lyrically deciphered, always comes across as somewhat ridiculous in its overblown qualities. Kind of like soap opera for metal heads. The world would be a more mellow and boring place without Iron Maiden.

I like how these titles make a sort of tax-day haiku. Bear with me during this heavy metal moment. Plus April is National Poetry Month. Iron Maiden and federal tax law are inspiring.

Iron Maiden Tax Haiku
Run to the hills
The number of the beast
Wasted years
2 minutes to midnight

Stay strong, metal heads.

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