Friday, July 09, 2010

Artwork-a-day - Lol Hamster

I have this new plan to make an artwork a day. At first I thought every day would be a self-portrait. But after only two portraits, I got pretty sick of myself. And you would too, so now it's just art and it's daily and I'm going to try it for ten days and see what I can make.

Jackson point-blank asked me, "Why?" when I told him we should make an artwork every day. I had to come up with something fast to cover up the fact that I'm crazy and obsessive. So this is what I said: Because then you get really good at art.

You be the judge.

First up, is easy because it's in the computer already and I don't have to scan or photograph anything. That's right: my artwork is lazy, people. And often sloppy. I subscribe to the slapdash genre--but never slipshod and certainly not half-ass. At least, never intentionally. And to prove it: Lol Hamster (in Spanglish, because the world needs more of that).

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Tuckers said...

It's a positive affirmation wrapped in a classic deconstructionalist concept!