Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cannabis Club Haiku

I don't have a prescription for medical marijuana. I believe it costs between $99 and $200 to track down the correct doctor who will write you a script. It used to cost more but now there's so much competition out there, the doctors had to price accordingly. I think some are offering a rewards card, like Safeway. Just type in your phone number for prescription discounts. I am kidding. I think.

Anyhoo, there's an abundance of marijuana dispensaries in the Bay Area and even though a win for Proposition 19 would make it legal for Californians to finally just grow our own, no one's writing haiku about the illustrious medical Mary Jane. Perhaps one day medical research will receive the funding to try and find out just how medicinal pot can be. Since I can't just waltz in and check out the situation myself, I'll have to go by the colorful ads keeping the SFWeekly afloat. The selection is dizzying!

Northstone Organics
Super Silver Haze
Blue Cheese or Blue Dream on sale
Farm to door service

Berkeley Patients Group
Affordable, pure
with on-site vaporizers
No loitering please

1944 Ocean Collective
Kush and edibles
Nice people. Nice dogs. Nice weed.
Free gift with this ad

Compassionate Health Options
Dr. Hanya Barth
Keeper of goats, horses, hens
Will match any local price

The Divinity Tree
Good bud for good price
Do your self a favor. Woot!
According to Yelp

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