Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sexy Halloween Costume Clearance Sale

Frankly, I'm shocked that these costumes didn't sell better. I thought EVERYONE wanted to be sexy for Halloween these days. True, it was my first attempt at cracking the highly competitive sexy Halloween costume market, but I thought these were pretty damn sexy for a debut effort. Well, there's always next year. Shop early for the best deals, I always say. And you can wear these around the house any time of the year, especially during National Sexy Costume Month!

Sadly, Sexy Moe--the costume, did not fly out the door and onto the mean Trick-or-Treat streets of Halloween as I thought it would. I actually think Shemp was the sexiest Stooge, but I was going for a broader marketing base and was hoping slapstick sadism would be an added draw on this one.

What is sexier than a glazed doughnut, I ask you? So round, firm, sweet and tempting! Forbidden fried foods are always desirable. C'mon people! What will it take? Sprinkles?

"Going green" is all the rage! Garbage cans and recycling containers are very attractive, and not just to environmentalists. They're no longer just trash receptacles--they're saving the world. So lure those tricks and treats with this timely get-up. Then recycle it next year as a base for a robot, or a giant pill capsule (prescription drugs are very trendy and desirable!), or a futuristic birth-control device. The possibilities are endlessly ecology-minded. And sexy!

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