Thursday, November 04, 2010

Time out for a Chuck Prophet crazy-ass guitar solo

It starts out as goofball call-and-response, then becomes a pleasantly groovin' jam that turns into full-on raging crazy-ass guitar solo at 3:35. I don't even know how he's doing this. I know it's partially a trick of the lighting and the limitations of a digital video upload, but at one point it looks like he's strumming it. But he's not. Am I just addled from all the recent Halloween / World Series / post-election apocalypse hoopla? Probably.

Born to tour.

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Remedy said...

Songwriter/Musician Chuck Prophet and band travels to Mexico City to record his upcoming album, ¡Let Freedom Ring!. Filmmaker Scott Compton and DP John Behrens went along for the ride armed with Canon 5D MkII HD SLR cameras.

Amid power outages, earthquakes, corrupt police and swine flu hysteria on CNN, Chuck and band managed to plug in and roll tape on a old-school rock record that takes no prisoners.

This trailer is on the upcoming documentary chronicling the adventure.

Hope you enjoy,

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