Saturday, February 05, 2011

Time out for a hamster haiku

Talk about SEO success stories. All you people doing your "hamster haiku" search, look no further! I took a silly online art class this month (called "The Art of Silliness") and had a grand time making 30 days worth of silliness. In fact, I got so into it, I kind of ended up drawing in a mixture of my child-like cuteness phase of smiling, waving animals, mixed with my satirical former heavy-metal chick nihilism. The results were at times, interesting.

This was a photography assignment: take three photos, one of something hollow, one of something made of silver, and one of something smelly. Write a haiku about them. Jackson and I teamed up to include all three subjects in one photo. And here 'tis:

hamster haiku

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