Thursday, April 07, 2011

Perfect kite flying weather.

Uh oh--my big computer-driven project reactivated on me today. So here's a ten-minute post. Can I meet this challenge: embed a video or two and give proper credits where credits are due? YOU be the judge.

Today my kid and I had a busy day. He went to his first golf lesson and did great. So well did he drive the ball that his new teacher got that excited golfing gleam in his eye and started talking to me about nine-year-old tournament girl golfers he coaches, and that sort of thing. I'm glad my kid just found something he can be passionate about besides video games lately. If it's municipal golf, so be it. My dad will be thrilled too so it's win-win.

Anyway, my posting focus is actually on what we did after the lesson. We hiked up a beautiful ridge next to the course and flew our kite. It was so delightfully windy, that I simply held the kite up about four feet off the ground, and UP it went. WAY UP. And while we did that, a lovely hawk glided about a hundred yards away, simply hanging in the wind, perfectly still on a wing, and watched us fly our kite; probably wondering WTF? Because hawks are inclined to do that (they're so smart, those hawks).

So in one area of a vast sky was our rainbow kite with its lengthy tail flitting about. Off by a California Oak, was the hawk, just floating, wings spread, like a natural kite. The clouds were dark gray, getting blacker. It was heaven, baby!

We had a blast. I haven't flown a kite in a million years (I used to be pretty OK at it as a kid). Jackson had never had a proper kite-flying session because we no longer live with a marina conveniently close by. This was really nice--being out in greenery with a bird of prey and some dark orange wild flowers visible along the hillside.

Oh! My posting time is up (note: with editing time, it's ending up being a 25-minute post--that's how it goes). So here's Ray Bethell, multiple kite champion. He is a magician with kites. Enjoy!

Also: I love the giant octopus kites at the Berkeley Kite Festival. Aren't they fab?

- Another kite trio
- Lovely kite at Crissy Field in San Francisco
- When at Burning Man, go fly a kite
- Bay Area Wind Pattern Map

Oh yes, I almost forgot: when we got home, it started pouring and then hailing in large chunks for quite some time. What a great afternoon, I'm telling you!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Kites and sails and wings rule. And you linked one of my favorite spots, the Bay Area Wind Patterns. As a windsurfer I've loved that one for years. Just recently got into running the 23-hr mpeg at the bottom, quite fun on those super-windy days, can learn much about storm winds and post-storm clearing winds. Watch those arrows!