Friday, July 22, 2011

Songs of upbeat cheerfulness

Whoa, it's been quite a July around here. I mean, when Kaiser Hospital starts to feel like a second home, something ain't right, y'know? But things will hopefully lock back into their healthy dimensions and we'll be one of those families who have fun in the sun again. With the barbecues and the baseball outings and plenty of porch sittin' while swatting the 'squitos away.

Carl Carlton - She's a Bad Mam Jama (She's Built, She's Stacked). How can you not be happy while listening to this song? "I get so excited viewing her anatomy." My significant other has just announced that this song is turning him on. And there you have it.

The Kinks - Till The End of the Day. Not the happiest of bands as far as personal interaction, but this is a joyful song. I always imagine a guy walking down the street, who can't wait to get home to his best girl. He can't even believe that not only has he found her, but that she actually likes him too. It's win-win.

Verlaines - Death & The Maiden. My significant other claims this is a happy song. I'm not so sure. But it is difficult to listen to the chorus and not get all happy, even if you have no idea what's going on there. And I don't, all these years later. It just sounds really upbeat and New Zealandish so that's reason enough to celebrate.

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love. Perhaps the happiest pop song of all time. Name one that's happier. You can't, can you? Well, nice try. Even the title is genius.

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