Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Army Navy - Ode to Janice Melt

Army Navy's got a bright Brit-pop thing going on even though they're from Los Angeles. And probably because they're from Los Angeles, their music videos are like wee films of absurd weirdness featuring fairly high production values and coherent (if bizarre) concepts. "Ode to Janice Melt" has adorable Jason Ritter falling into forbidden love...with his hand.

Army Navy isn't afraid to get their funny on. Probably a smart business plan in today's crap music industry.

"My Thin Sides"


As seen on NPR's All Songs Considered Blog

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Tuckers said...

OMG that Jason Ritter IS adorable. If only I was a hand.

Thanks for the Army Navy, that's some 'can do' pop, will be in my iphone soon :)