Monday, December 05, 2011

Best of Facebook Today

It's easy to put down Facebook--a big, wide target to finger-point at about what's wrong with modern social interaction. But sometimes Facebook comes alive with fantastic links to wondrous media. Media I wouldn't be privy to without the eyes and ears and tastes of my Facebook friends. Twitter is like this too, but my Twitter feed is mostly all media and fewer friends. These Facebook picks are coming from people I mostly know and socialize with in "real life" so it's more personal.

What's happening, Facebook friends?

The Javanese gamelan ensemble, Sekar-Melati, covers Gang of Four's "Not Great Men." Why? We don't know, making it even better.

Thanks for sharing, Steve Connell and J Neo Marvin.

"It's Time," shared by filmmaker and professor, Ray. A message from GetUp!

This is some effective visual storytelling right here.

Also from Ray: The Animals' version of "House of the Rising Sun" played on old tech equipment.

List of "instruments" here.

Over on my other FB site, full of musicians and DJs, many I have yet to meet, there is much musical sharing.

Peter shares Little Richard in Scuba Party (1967). Swinging!

Another from Peter: Howlin' Wolf doing "Don't Laugh at Me," featuring the late Hubert Sumlin on lead guitar.

Al's pick: The Flamin' Groovies' "Slow Death" live in 1972.

Another from Al: "Chain of Fools" - my favorite Aretha song.

Thanks, Facebook friends.

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