Monday, December 19, 2011

Lazy Christmas Daydream

I'm in a Christmas stupor. Of course, it's not Christmas--it's Christmas prep time. Christmas itself will come and go like a whisper on the wind. Then comes Christmas clean-up. As I age (ungracefully), this particular holiday is feeling more and more like a personal pageant that must play out exactly according to someone's plan--not my own

If it were up to me, this is what Christmas would ideally be like:

I wake up--it's Christmas morning. Huh. Time sure does fly. Almost a new year--isn't that strange. Gotta remember to start writing "2012" on everything, not "11." Gonna be tough but I'll get it after a few missteps. So it's Christmas. Might be fun to ride bikes down the path and get some brunch that will fill me up 'til dinner. Then I'll have a bowl of my tasty homemade granola and it's lights out 'til Boxing Day.

Oh yeah, Jackson got lots of presents, but I let him open them weeks ago so he could play with them all month and not drive us crazy, staying up late at night, fretting about the presents he can't open until December 25th, when "they" say Jesus was born. Yup--that was a good idea, letting him play with all his new toys during the past month of cold, rainy days. And now, to bed. That was a swell Christmas.

And so easy! But back to reality and a bunch of Christmas and household chores to tackle. At least Jackson's healthy--hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I'm going to throw in one more: Hooray! That's huge. 

Here's a penguin while I figure out what else to do here. This penguin knows the true spirit of giving.

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