Tuesday, April 10, 2012

San Francisco Haiku for National Poetry Month

April is national poetry month—not day, week, or bi-weekly—poetry MONTH. Because poetry is worth celebrating for approximately 30 days. So here are some San Francisco Neighborhood haiku, just in time for the tourist season. It's pretty much always tourist season in San Francisco and its surrounding environs, but spring and summer really bring it in a big way.

Nothing rolls out the red carpet quite like a series of haiku. At least in my estimation. Are you visiting San Francisco anytime soon? Take along these haikus and explore the wonders of 5-7-5-syllable travel.

landing in water
seems completely plausible
ha ha! Just kidding

Candlestick Park
freeway bay view park
wind blowing hotdog wrappers
baseball memories

The Upper Haight
Haight Ashbury sign
stolen again and again
boutiques sell their wares

The Lower Haight
do you need a drink?
or a falafel sandwich?
still affordable

The Castro
Rainbow flag above
an Art Deco movie house
welcome home, people

Dolores Park
Sunshine, royal palms
oops, I just tripped over
twelve fucking hipsters

Noe Valley
strollers, espresso
rolfing, yoga studios
and more: pilates

The Mission
when I was fifteen
my cousin brought me here
tacos from heaven

The Mission #2
dot-com boom brought change
invasion of the hipsters
higher-rent tacos

The Forgotten Zone
hello, Cow Palace
blocks away, Daly City
three o'clock windstorm

Golden Gate Park
greenery, horned owls
buffalo, model boat club
and sometimes a kid

Ocean Beach
whoa, whoa, whoa—don't go
in that wicked undertow
chill out, get windblown

The Hills of San Francisco
you're over the top
you're driving into the Bay!
ha ha! just kidding

The Marina
populated by
high school seniors all grown up
prom night royalty

North Beach
yeah, yeah, yeah, I know
this was a real neighborhood
good luck with parking

Golden Gate Bridge
iconic all right
made for crossing, not jumping
stick around, my friend

Bonus—Oakland haiku!
yes, visit Oakland!
New York Times gives the okay
organic sorbet

Photos are from the Playland at the Conservatory exhibit in Golden Gate Park (ends this week!) Be sure to visit.

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