Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Johnny Guitar Post

I admit I've never seen "Johnny Guitar," but I've always been a fan of middle-aged crazed Joan Crawford. Now that I'm middle-aged and somewhat crazed, I think anyone celebrating that stage of life should be honored from time to time. When I was younger and flipping TV channels, middle-aged crazed Joan Crawford films were on a lot. I guess they were inexpensive filler for network off-hours. But let me tell you: those films gave me the template for my own impending middle age, and it looked badass.

Don't mess with this woman—what, are you crazy?

Martin Scorsese introduces "Johnny Guitar," directed by Nicholas Ray, 1954. Scorsese knows pretty much everything about classic films. Sterling Hayden costars, so there really isn't any reason for me not to see this.

The posse comes to Vienna's place, which isn't your typical Hollywood Western stage-set, I think you'll agree. Mercedes McCambridge has some words with Ms. Crawford, causing her to get all indignant. You never want to make Joan Crawford indignant.

Hell yeah, Johnny Guitar sung by Peggy Lee haunts my reverie. Stereo version here.

The Spotnicks play Johnny Guitar, 1962. Truly cool space-age instrumentalists from Sweden, The Spotnicks make today's hipsters look like the useless trust-fund babies that they basically are. Hail, Spotnicks.

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