Thursday, July 19, 2012

Modern Mythological Creatures

I've been reading John Connolly's YA novels, The Gates, and its new sequel, The Infernals. Both are very clever takes on science, the underworld, demonic forces, and an intrepid child hero who saves the world with his faithful dachshund, Boswell, at his side. Connolly's wit is Dublin-honed and his ability to conjure up creatures is very macabre and refreshing. I suppose it must be inspiring, because I came up with a few modern mythological creatures during one of my chronic insomniac fits. See if you can think of some of your own for a lite brain workout.

Barkomnibus - Barks and barks, night and day, yet you can never find the source of its massive sound. Occasionally a house will appear to have a Barkomnibus within its confines, but when you knock on the door to inquire, the owner looks at you like you're crazy and insists, "There's no barking coming from this house."

The mysterious and disruptive Barkomnibus

Weighticon invades your thoughts with ideas of your mythological ideal weight. Try to avoid this creature or you will never learn to love and appreciate your fabulous body temple.

The parasitic Weighticon

The Creeping Crud lives in the refrigerator, expanding. A good wipe with baking soda solution will (temporarily) dispel of this unpleasant entity.

Beware the Creeping Crud!

Plasticus breeds plastic items until your house is full of them. Especially prevalent in households with children and pets. Don't let Plasticus get the upper hand!

Plasticus makes hoarding a way of life

The Internet Troll - now that so many of us are using social media, this creature has no doubt made an unwelcome appearance. During an election year, the Internet Troll is especially pesky, disrupting the peaceful discussion of polite social discourse wherever he posts his fanatical opinions. When he can't win enough converts to his side, he will resort to insults to get his way. Red flags include the terms, "ignorant," "puppet-master Obama," "media plot," "gay agenda," "reefer-smoking hippies," and "shut up and get a job!"

I based this creature on my own personal Facebook troll—I hope he's flattered!

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