Sunday, September 23, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavor over the Golden Gate by Sherry LaVars

Two Icons ©2012 by Sherry LaVars

I forgot to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over my house this week, so I had to make do with all my friends' photos. Of all the images I saw spanning across the Internet, these are my favorite, by my friend Sherry LaVars. Look at this historic moment—beautiful.

Jackson's plethora of questions after he saw the Endeavor fly over his school playground left me stumped. After the kids waved, they apparently went back in the classrooms and moved on to making graphs or something because he knew nothing more about the entire event than I did. I'll be digging around the local library for a space-shuttle history book soon, which may finally help get him off his Titanic obsession.

Just because I missed this doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good retirement flight over California. I salute you, Endeavor. We'll have to make a trip to Los Angeles to see your impressive bulk in the California Science Center.

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