Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Transfashionable Drag Queen Makeovers

Once, long ago, I was at one of those frequently held warehouse parties in San Francisco. This was well before the dot-com boom and bust of the 90s, and boomlet of recent years, both of which have cleared most warehouses of any debauchery. This party wasn't anything too crazy—a birthday party for a friend of a friend. I don't know why I was even there, especially since I was on my own. Kind of pathetic, but I was young and up for anything.

I really wanted to get rid of some vintage earrings that a cad have given me. I vaguely knew the birthday girl and thought she'd look good in them. Yes, I was re-gifting. Recycling is good for Mother Earth. She really liked the earrings too, so I was right, even though they were clip-ons. Anyway, there was this very tall drag queen at the party, offering to do makeup for anyone for free. Wow, I thought, free makeup! No one had ever done my makeup before. It seemed fitting that a drag queen at a warehouse party should be the first. I had a blast during my makeup session. My makeup artist was really nice too, saying things like, "Oh, but you don't even need any makeup, you're so young and pretty!" What girl doesn't want to hear that?

After she was done, I thanked her profusely and ran into the bathroom to check my new look in the mirror. I wasn't usually a big makeup-wearer. Maybe just a bit when I went out. I have medium-toned, sponge-like pores, that simply soak up anything I put on my face, so lipstick was my choice for "nighttime glamor." I peered at my exciting new visage and gasped. I looked terrible! Raccoon eyes and a salmon-colored mouth. Salmon! I kept trying to justify the eyes. Perhaps they were merely smokey? No, they looked like black eyes from falling down the stairs. I looked like a zombie chewing on a tangerine.

Ruefully, I sopped everything up I could with damp paper towels, and avoided my new makeup-artist friend for the rest of the evening in case she wasn't drunk enough to realize my editing process. I'm happy to report that The Stylish's YouTube show, Transfashionable, hasn't had a moment like this. Yet. So far, the makeovers (and one under) have been blissful events for all. Plus there's roller skating in Xanadu drag! Enjoy.

Jonny Makeup and Courtney Act (Australia's Australian Idol semi-finalist) teach Natasha how to look more girlish, in case the need should ever arise.

Willam Belli and Jonny give Heather a fabulous make-under, or as Willam calls it, "less work."

Miles Jai gets a triple-crown makeover from three queens, after getting roasted on Willam's show, Willam's Beat-down. This episode includes a visit to a wig emporium, so I'm a fan. Plus roller boogieing!

Today on Transfashionable: a very special makeover.

Update: I have to post this latest episode on drag kings! Spikey Van Dykey helps her friend Laney realize her drag-king potential. Learn the secrets of duct tape (ouchy), fake nipples, spirit gum (a theatrical gal's best friend), what to put in your briefs, and cool menswear that's fun to wear. Great episode.

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