Monday, June 24, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Recap Tweets

Almost completely by accident, I recapped season 6 of Mad Men in tweet form. Perhaps this is the ultimate solution to timely recaps, with no chance of Internet burnout. Also, a great format for lazy writers—one or two koan-like sentences, and you're done.

Relive the stylish downward spiral of America's favorite mid-century anti-hero, Don Draper, as he drags everyone who cares about him down the elevator shaft of his empty persona! Will Peggy ever find true love, other than her new cat? Is Bob Benson a nicer version of Don Draper, and why is he attracted to Pete anyway? Will Pete ever see Tammy conscious again, and what will happen to the size of his sideburns once he gets to California? Joan and Bob are buddies—how 'bout that? Dawn needs a better storyline, that's for sure. Sally needs better parenting, that's for sure. Did you want more Planet of the Apes references, or was it the right amount? Megan and Sylvia, eh, who cares? I don't answer any of these questions. I'm just a Mad Men conduit.

Also, Holy Harry Hamlin, this was so awesome:

 I can't wait for the final season, when everyone goes full-on hippie.

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