Wednesday, July 03, 2013

"Larger Than Life" - Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

Tiny Walnut Creek, California, is a hotbed for contemporary art. Thanks to decades of yuppie funding (soon to dry up as the recession slowly drags on) and an abundance of overly educated retirees, the Bedford Gallery and its curator Carrie Lederer are keeping Walnut Creek artful. Yesterday I dragged Jackson to the "Larger Than Life" exhibit, knowing he would enjoy large-scale sculpture almost as much as I do. And he did.

A large and colorful businessman by Viola Frey

They said I could take photos, so here they are. The Bedford Gallery rules!

The first thing you notice upon entering is Tristin Lowe's inflatable "Dumbo," which Jackson insisted was not art. Then I brought up Andy Warhol, soup cans, objects in galleries, size, scale, absurdity, and a sense of play. He then nodded sagely, humoring me. When I mentioned that an artist made this, his eyes widened. "Oh, I didn't know that," he admitted. He thought Dumbo was from some carnival or something. Kids!

I started messing around with my "fish-eye" lens setting, which on my little digital camera, just messes things up. Here's Dumbo with the "miniature" lens setting. And then I forgot to take a regular photo of Dumbo, so this will have to do.

He's a giant miniature—have I blown your mind?

Look what else—Bigfoot!

Tara Tucker - "Bigfoot Loves Minicorn"
And Bigfoot's hugging a minicorn!

Jackson is also hugging a minicorn
Bigfoot's foot makes my own big foot look dainty.

Thanks, Bigfoot!

Michael Stutz' giant funerary-based head is made from cardboard woven around a wooden base. And interestingly, is named after Wire's 1988 album, A Bell Is a Cup ... Until It Is Struck. Walnut Creek has got it going on!

You can walk inside this giant head through the doorway in the back. Inside you'll find the bell. Ring it.

I spy with my giant eye, Dumbo.

A delightful crow made of junk, by Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor.

More junk art by Robb Putman, "Dunderhead." Inspiration for using all the crap in my garage.

Harry Siter made "Him & Her" from trees and copper. "She" is an elm. "He" is black oak. Chuck Close's "Brad" is in the background--the only piece of non-sculpture in the show.

I love art.


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