Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Mail Art While I Figure Out My Next Move

Mail art! That's what's happening. Also, sitting on my butt, writing a lot, lately. Which is good. But when there's a lot of writing, there's not as much art. Here's what I managed to send by post in 2013.

La Sirena postcard made with new alcohol-based markers. Vibrant!

Birdie stencil - an early 2013 entry.

This is a hostile-garden scene, based on a creative writing project my friend Dee See and I are collaborating on.

I honestly don't know what this is. I get a lot of kitschy little calendars in the mail from nonprofits looking for funds. This calendar celebrated 12 months worth of saturated photos of the Cascade Mountains. I like to paint or collage on them at will (they make great gifts for New Year's). This is a sort of mountain-spirit project.

I made more. There's a lot of Cascades. This is the unfinished cover of an unfinished book of poetry and illustration from a re-purposed cardboard baby book.

Some more mountain spirits.

Mt. St. Helens' spirit looks pretty shaken up still. We used to live 40 miles away from this mountain and could see it on the way to the gym. I must have been beautiful before it blew its top.

This Narwhal was made from the inner workings of a broken self-inflating whoopee cushion. Those things never last.

He is ready to jump into his envelope and swim through the U.S. postal system.

Origami—it was wrapped in clear plastic, so when opened, it would somewhat "burst forth."

These are some paper dolls that Dee See kindly cut out and dressed once received. Characters based on our creative-writing project.

Some sun prints with old eyeglasses and jewelry. Character-based. I could do these all day.

Thanks to Dee See for the inspiration, steady flow of fabulous mail art, and photography of my work. I don't always remember to record what I make because I'm so excited to mail it off. There's something about art that has a destination...

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