Monday, September 11, 2006

Vacation Haiku

Have you heard? Haiku is HOT! Well, maybe not HOT, but definitely long-term in usage. And easy to get through. Since we visited so many areas on our 9-day vacation, I thought I'd review in Haiku.

Eugene, OR
Playgrounds are bitchin'
and the bad part of town is
only six blocks long

Eugene Friend
Standard black poodle
lives in fabulous 50s
house; brings us shoes. Gus

Recumbent Bikes
Sit down, like a chair
Lean back and relax cowboy
You are one fast geek.

Corvallis, OR
Picturesque and quaint
White people work at HP
and study Buddha

Salem, OR
The state capitol
Awesome children's museum
Strip malls and porn shops

Whoa! This city rocks
Where has it been all my life?
Please sign me up now

Portland Japanese Garden
Gravel, plants, water
Falls, streams, bridges, quiet paths
Favorite by far

Powell's Books
Gazillions of books
like some kind of book heaven
Whole Foods is nearby

Jimi Hendrix and
Streetwise and heroin chic
Oh, and Space Needle

Pike's Market
Throw the fish upward
Balloon man makes a kitty
Ferries trawl the waves

My Uncle's Restaurant
It's at 1215 Pine Street
garlic sautéed greens

Relatives greet us
with affection and cheese cake
Canada is best

1 comment:

Tuckers said...

I never could write Haiku.
You must have a gift.
I never knew.