Saturday, June 23, 2007


Happy Pride Day. I'll be celebrating my dad's 70th birthday tomorrow and needless to say, we won't be at the parade. But here are some photos I've purloined from Hope they don't mind. You can see their series of photos from the last seven years of parades here. Dig that crazy scene!

Looking good Mayor Newsom. Sir Ian McKellan is beaming--he's adorable. It looks to me that if you are a contingent of the "Balloon Magic" group, you can plan on doing some heavy-duty partying before, during and after the parade--Balloon Magic just has that "look" to it. I love the furry angel wings on the bears. Do you think heaven is full of leather guys in furry wings? Conservative Christians will be bummed. Good.

Many years ago, I marched in the parade with this certifiably nut-job political group. We chanted "Money for AIDS, not for war!" And some people cheered but some people looked glum--like, "Don't rain on our parade, nutty political group." I admit, our group was not as endearing as the people who dressed up as life-sized bags of groceries for the "Meals on Wheels" float. Or THAT guy above. That's pride.

Last photo. Awww--that's some balloon magic right there.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh look--more old stuff

More children's book weirdness from the donation box at work. Obviously, I have a great job--it only took 25 years to find one. This book is from 70s-era Japan and simply contains beautifully illustrated renditions of toys. Very innocent. If I were 2, I'd read this every day!

Hey, look at this old stuff

Arty bloggers are always posting their weird found objects and saying, "Hey, look at this old stuff I found." This blog is no different. I found some children's books in the donation box at work this week. They're old and weird and here they are.

Enjoying Reading is a British reading primer from 1966 that had a decidedly dark view of the reading experience. Check out this book cover.

Nothing says Enjoying Reading like falling through a frozen pond. I hope that guy with the jaunty cap can hang on. I like how half the spectators are little children--what a fun day for all!

Inside are some visual vocabulary builders.
The sentence describing #6: "This is a tramp." Despite appearances, the guy in #2 is not a grave-digger, he is merely, "making a trench." And what's going on in #8? Why, she's "making the donkey trot."
More dark lessons in life. There has been a car crash. There is a crack in the cup. He eats a crust. The apples are crushed. It's like a bunch of clues in "Veronica Mars" as directed by David Lynch. I liked Veronica Mars--she was saucy.
I don't know what's going on here but that clown is really demented (or "funny" as described in the book) and the puppy is not rabid, only happy. Enjoyable!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can I edit my Profile?

I've been trying to get a little photo up for my profile but Blogger keeps taking it down. So here's a THIRD attempt. This time I'm using an image from an Acquanetta movie poster from the 40s. This site is named after one of her films. And so it's time once more to pay tribute to one of the Hollywood's great failures, ableit a beautiful one. Here's to you Aquanetta, a.k.a. Mildred Davenport. I'm only trying to exploit your image so that a handful of people can read my boring profile. Here's the full-on poster. Don't you wish you could rent this on DVD? With director commentary?
Jungle Woman starring Acquanetta

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exciting New Product Line for Today's Now Consumer

In keeping with the concept of Joy Division Sneakers, I came up with some new clothing design ideas that will combine the latest in active-wear with the music-makers of yesterday and today. I think you'll be very pleased by the selection, quality and "now" factor. Please do not steal these ideas, as they are: patent pending.

First up--the Green Day Polo. Wear Billie Joe, Mike and Tre Cool proudly on the breast pocket of this ongoing classic-style shirt. Features breathable, durable cotton mesh; two-button placket, ribbed collar/armbands; and uneven vented hem. Available in several colors including cornflower, dusty sage, autumn leaf and pineapple.
Green Day Polo Shirt
Close-up: Green Day Polo Shirtclose-up view

Men's Nirvana Nevermind moisture-wicking underwear features exclusive lightweight and silky fabric engineered for breathability and moisture transport. Enjoy the freedom of a boxer with the support of a brief--as alternative as you want to be. Also available In Utero.

The Dead Kennedys are considered one of the most important American hardcore punk bands of the 1980s, and now you can enjoy the comfort of their legacy with these high-quality sports socks. Athletic socks are an essential component of your active footwear. Don't censor your abilities--the right punk rock sock can mean the difference between success and failure on the playing field.
DKs Sports Sock
Celebrate the early 80s punk ska movement with the Circle Jerks cargo pant. Your old-school, hardcore style just got more convenient with all the storage you need for keys, wallets, cell phones, PDA and more. Never leave home short-handed again.
Circle Jerks Cargo Pant
James IhaAND for a limited time, we offer this special one-off product: James Iha's fart in a jar. James Iha--guitarist extraordinaire of Smashing Pumpkins and solo career fame, has graciously licensed his precious emissions, now available for the first time. Certificate of authenticity is included.
James Iha Fart in Jar

Monday, June 11, 2007

Nu Shoes

Custom-designed New Balance shoes inspired by Joy Division's 1979 debut, "Unknown Pleasures." Kind of sporty.

So very many Love Will Tear Us Apart covers.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CWW's Belive It or Not!

The online version of the Canadian comic strip "For Better or For Worse" features characters with blinking eyes - freaky!

Mr. Bento Porn is a Flickr site where you can view hundreds of photos of lunches people have made for their Japanese Zojirushi storage containers; passionate commentary - strangely voyeuristic!

My next-door neighbor is incredibly loud in unusual ways. From our house you can hear him talking on the phone, loudly. He talks to his downstairs neighbors loudly and he sneezes just like a comic strip character: aaah CHOO! Any hour of the day or night, you can hear him from any room in our house: aaah CHOO! Otherwise, he's very quiet.

More proof that you should never air grievances via email.

Today on KALX, the dj back-announced Chad and Jeremy's A Summer Song, then said, "I just hit myself in the head with the mic--that was RAD." I laughed and thought, it's good to be alive!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Don't Miss: Festival of Fitness

Once again I find myself partaking in a somewhat odd music happening. The Festival of Fitness will be a bbq show at the Stork Club with 12 bands, muzak kareoke, prizes and plenty of spandex and sweat-bands. I'll play drums and Sue Hutchinson will play guitar and we'll both sing a bunch of her new songs. Sue is in many bands, including She Mob, Death by Stork (me too on both counts), Junior Showmanship, Winner's Bitch, and I'm sure there's more. We're billed as Junior Showmanship and we'll go on around 4 pm or so. There will be hot dogs available, plus pinball machines and a pool table if you want to work out. Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.

The Festival of Fitness
This Sunday, June 10, 2007, at The Stork Club (2330 Telegraph Ave.), Oakland, 2 pm - Closing
12 bands, BBQ, DJ, Muzak Kareoke, Sychronized Dance, Headbands, Spandex, Legwarmers, Jazzercise giveaways!