Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sex Over the Phone

This video came to my attention from Tuckers, longtime friend and Internet boss. Thank him.


Tuckers said...

OH MY GOD. I played this damn clip five times today. I can't get it out of my head! Must be subminal messaging.

It's funny because Victor is by far the most fey of the group (i.e. the least macho man), didn't know he was straight. And married to Phylicia Rashad!

Lisa Mc said...

Victor Willis, man of mystery. I like his voice. Too bad he didn't have more hits. He's been a songwriter off and on for other people over the years.

Remember our Richard Simmons-like aerobic routine to "San Francisco"?:

Disco, disco party baby - music that sets you on fire, higher
Say what's on your mind and spend a little time
Every gesture there has a meaning
Party 'till the night before the morning light
You may feel your whole body screaming

-Yikes. Sounds like San Francisco to me.