Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hot Dolls of the 70s

Not until I visited the pages of did I realize how hot the dolls of the 70s were. Who is the hottest male or female doll? I don't care which. We were really into androgyny back then anyway. Is it:

Lilac of the Rock Flowers? Disclosure: I owned two of these and also quite a lot of their groovy tie-dyed, fringed pleather clothing. They had red plastic sunglasses sewn onto the sides of their heads and they also came with a hard plastic record with some really dumb pop songs that I loved. Sample lyrics: Flash! It's a purple explosion. Close your eyes and let your worries go. Crash! No time for watching and waiting. Clap your hands and let the music flow... Definitely hot, but what about:

Big Josh and his friend, Big Jim? They look really good together.

Then there's Christie and Live-Action P.J., both of whom were way cooler than their pal Barbie.

TV's Lone Wolf and Grizzly Adams bring their own personal style to the doll hotness.

But Talking Brad has star quality that's hard to deny.

And what about Moon Mystic Guardian? Have mercy on me, Mattel!

To get you in the mood, here's a trip back in time. When Rock Flowers "danced" on the spindle of the record player, they looked less "rock" and more "ice skater." If you turned the record to 78-speed, the doll flew across the room--alarming, but definitely more "rock." Lilac's song went like this: Feeling good today and I'll be feeling fine tomorrow. I'm dealing with good company, and it's agreeing with me, can't you tell? With her yellow plastic record and groovy rock costume, she was a pioneer in rock-doll hotness.

Narration from Casey Kasem, putting his all into it.

Rosemary had it going on.

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Laura said...

hey! i had a Live Action PJ! i liked her because she was fully pose-able, and i could put her on my plastic horses.