Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CWW's Belive It or Not!

The online version of the Canadian comic strip "For Better or For Worse" features characters with blinking eyes - freaky!

Mr. Bento Porn is a Flickr site where you can view hundreds of photos of lunches people have made for their Japanese Zojirushi storage containers; passionate commentary - strangely voyeuristic!

My next-door neighbor is incredibly loud in unusual ways. From our house you can hear him talking on the phone, loudly. He talks to his downstairs neighbors loudly and he sneezes just like a comic strip character: aaah CHOO! Any hour of the day or night, you can hear him from any room in our house: aaah CHOO! Otherwise, he's very quiet.

More proof that you should never air grievances via email.

Today on KALX, the dj back-announced Chad and Jeremy's A Summer Song, then said, "I just hit myself in the head with the mic--that was RAD." I laughed and thought, it's good to be alive!

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