Monday, June 04, 2007

Don't Miss: Festival of Fitness

Once again I find myself partaking in a somewhat odd music happening. The Festival of Fitness will be a bbq show at the Stork Club with 12 bands, muzak kareoke, prizes and plenty of spandex and sweat-bands. I'll play drums and Sue Hutchinson will play guitar and we'll both sing a bunch of her new songs. Sue is in many bands, including She Mob, Death by Stork (me too on both counts), Junior Showmanship, Winner's Bitch, and I'm sure there's more. We're billed as Junior Showmanship and we'll go on around 4 pm or so. There will be hot dogs available, plus pinball machines and a pool table if you want to work out. Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.

The Festival of Fitness
This Sunday, June 10, 2007, at The Stork Club (2330 Telegraph Ave.), Oakland, 2 pm - Closing
12 bands, BBQ, DJ, Muzak Kareoke, Sychronized Dance, Headbands, Spandex, Legwarmers, Jazzercise giveaways!

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